Pupsock & Wendell in the Gallery of Doom

Pupsock & Wendell and the Gallery of DoomPrincess Stacie (Joey Monasterios) has been kidnapped by the curator of an old art gallery. Her only hope is a puppet dog named Pupsock Jackson, and his animated sidekick, Wendell. Just when the Professional Princess Rescuers think they have the case all wrapped up, they find the haunted museum has a few surprises waiting…

PUPSOCK & WENDELL IN THE GALLERY OF DOOM was filmed in January of 2007 in Orlando, Florida and is the second collaboration between Blue Juice Films and Poem Pictures. The film uses a unique blend of 3D-animation, 2D-animation, puppets and live action to tell its innovative story. To learn more visit www.poemfilms.com.


Written & Directed by Patrick Algermissen • Producer – Thomas Mumme • Director of Photography – Jeremy Schneider • Editor – Adam Miller & Patrick Algermissen • Production Designer – Ryan C. Wolfgang

Film Festival Awards
10th Annual
Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival
Melbourne, FL – November 2008
Best of Show – Audience Award

16th Annual
Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase
Orlando, FL – December 2007
The Best of Brouhaha

Film Festival Official Selections
2008 Palm Springs International Shorts Fest
Palm Springs, CA – August 2008

17th Annual
Florida Film Festival
Orlando, FL – March 2008

Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams for Family – Orlando Puppet Festival
Orlando, FL – October 2007