Adventure Chefs -102 – Smoky Mountains of North Carolina

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Two contestants, John Holmes and Adam Long, were brought to the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina and set up at a rural location where they had access to all the equipment and supplies needed to help them in their quest to find the finest wild ingredients.

With the help of co-host Tara Lightfoot, our contestants brave severe rainstorms and mountain terrain to collect ingredients for their meals. Mushroom expert Alan Muscat (Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern) and wild foods expert Natalie Bogwalker also helped us make sure that everything was indeed edible.

The competition began at 5 p.m. and with only 24 hours to compete, they will spend the next day and night exploring thousands of acres of North Carolina backcountry, fishing on the Pigeon River, discovering wild apples and crabapples, and searching for crayfish in the ice cold mountain streams. Access was granted to the preserved wilderness and excellent fishing of Lake Logan.

Before the 24 hours are up, the chefs will prepare an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for the three judges. Final scores will be tallied and the Adventure Chefs winner will be chosen.

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