Pupsock & Wendell in the Gallery of Doom

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Pupsock & Wendell and the Gallery of DoomThe world is full of Princesses. Most of them exist solely to be kidnapped. Pupsock Jackson exists to rescue them.

Princess Stacie has been kidnapped by the curator of an old art gallery. Her only hope is a puppet dog named Pupsock Jackson, and his animated sidekick, Wendell. Just when the Professional Princess Rescuers think they have the case all wrapped up, they find the haunted museum has a few surprises waiting...

PUPSOCK & WENDELL IN THE GALLERY OF DOOM was filmed in January of 2007 in Orlando, Florida and is the second collaboration between Blue Juice Films and Poem Pictures. The film uses a unique blend of 3D-animation, 2D-animation, puppets and live action to tell its innovative story. To learn more visit www.poemfilms.com.

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