The Treaty

What if your fate had already been decided? What if your destiny was not your own? Joe (Ryan Smith) is a corporate underachiever who is approached by the mysterious Eliza (Christine Johnson), and told that his soul belongs to the devil because of an ancient treaty between Heaven and Hell. Joe must now perform odd jobs for his boss, with no understanding of their importance in the battle for mankind. When Joe finally sees the consequences of his actions, can he break away, or is redemption out of his reach?

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What happens to a technology junkie when the power goes out? Will the frozen zombified slacker couch potato dude, blink and snap out of it? Will he look for a life outside his TV, gaming, computerized world or is he so used to his desensitized, apathetic state that one voyeuristic box can be replaced with well, yet another unplugged version?


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“The Shore” by Mashlin

The official music video for One Eleven Records recording artist Mashlin, off of their debut album Pushing Through the Seasons. Video Produced by Blue Juice Films, Inc and directed by Thomas Mumme and Michael Garofalo.


What If?

WHAT IF? is a 1 hour television series that centers on “What If”? certain historical events had taken a different turn. Our pilot episode poses the question, “What If the United States had not pulled out of Somalia after the Battle of Mogadishu, aka Black Hawk Down”?

Join Colonel Danny McKnight, (ret) as we explore how history might have been different after those fateful days in October of 1993. Would Somalia be a more peaceful country today? Would there be such a thing as Somali Pirates? Would Osama Bin Laden have attacked the United States on September 11th?

All of these questions and more will be explored in WHAT IF?

WHAT IF? is currently in development.

The Execution of a Man

THE EXECUTION OF A MAN is a 12-minute short film co-produced by Adrenaline Films and Blue Juice Films. It was written and directed by Jeremy Schneider and produced by Thomas Mumme. Shot entirely on location in Orlando, Florida, the production utilized talent, crew, and gear all the way from Jacksonville to Fort Lauderdale.

The film chronicles the last hours of a man’s life as seen through his own eyes. He is taken out to a desolate pine forest by two brutal hitmen and forced to dig his own grave at gun point.

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